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Data Privacy Policy

Financial Data

Financial transactions are managed by Paymill. All Financial data is held by Paymill. Please refer to for their data policy.

Baynham Coding will retain the Transaction ID, so that in the event of any dispute data can be referenced from the Paymill system. During a dispute Baynham Coding will retrieve from the Paymill system, and store any data that is relevant to the dispute. Also in the event of a dispute, Baynham Coding reserves the right to share relevant financial information, with external legal representatives of Baynham Coding.

Baynham Coding will store a copy of the invoice.

Apart from the aforementioned exceptions, Baynham Coding will not store any financial data.

Website data

Any data that is not financial data is referred to as Website data. The website data is stored for the purposes of using the website and can be used to inform about future releases of Kode Magd, or issues related to Kode Magd.

External Organisations

No data will be distributed to any external organisation. Data will not be distributed to market research companies, direct marketing companies or any similar type of organisation.

If there exists a legal requirement to share any data with an official organisation which has a legal right to that data, (for example if data is requested by the Tax office) then data will be shared.

Deleting Data

Baynham Coding will not delete “financial data” (as defined above). Baynham Coding will not delete any data that is required by law to retain. For example: Tax departments like to know where money is coming from.

Baynham Coding will not delete data which identifies who the customer is. (Note: Customers have consumer rights imposed by law, without the ability to identify who the customer is, Baynham Coding would not be able to abide by any customer rights laws.)

Baynham Coding reserves the right, not to delete questions or answers, that are publicly displayed on the “Questions and Answers” pages. Exceptions can be made when any content is derogatory, abusive or degrading.

Regarding the website data that is not the Questions and Answer pages, Baynham Coding will delete the data upon request from the email account which is registered to associated profile.