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Version 1.0 – 18th June 2014

Kode Magd – End User License Agreement

This is an End User License Agreement between the user and Baynham Coding. The term “the user” means person or organisation who/which is using the software or possessing a copy of the software Kode Magd. Kode Magd is software developed by Baynham Coding. By installing Kode Magd the user agrees to the following terms.

1. Jurisdiction

Any disputes will be deciding in the Jurisdiction of Germany, in accordance with the laws in Germany.

2. Intended use

Users may download a copy of Kode Magd and use for a free trial period of 28 days. A license can be purchased (and installed) in order to continue to using the user’s version of Kode Magd beyond the trial period on a specific computer. However if no license is purchased then use of Kode Magd must expire at the end of the Trial Period. Each individual license is specific for an individual computer.

License can be limited by main version, but not by subversion. The term “main version” is being used to denote the left most figures in the version number. The term “subversion” is being used to denote the figures to the right of the left most figures in the version number, being used to signify the subversion of the main version.

3. Copyrights and license

This Kode Magd is copyright protected. Baynham Coding retains all intellectual property rights of Kode Magd, at all times. Reverse-engineering or decompiling or disassembling Kode Magd is not permitted.

Users may use Kode Magd for a trial period of 28 days for free, before they purchase a license.

Purchasing a license will enable the user to continue to use Kode Magd after the trial period has expired. A license is unique to one computer and cannot be transferred to a different computer. In the event of hardware inside a computer being replaced the computer will effectively become a different computer.

4. Liability & Warranty

Kode Magd is supplied “as is” without any guarantee or warranty. In the event of any loss / damage to any VBA code or Excel workbook it is the user’s responsibility to have done backups beforehand. Moreover Baynham Coding will not accept any liability for any losses or damage to the hardware, software, any documents, any loss in earnings, interrupts to business, loss of any information, loss of any computer code or any other losses or damage of any kind.

5. Data

When the user purchases a license, the user will be guided through a process which will generate a machine ID for the user’s computer. This machine ID will be sent to Baynham Coding, so that on receiving a payment, a license can be generated that is unique to the user’s computer. Baynham Coding will store this machine ID and the transaction ID for the payment, as well as any information the user wishes to enter into the Kode Magd website. Note: the only Credit Card information Baynham Coding will store is the transaction ID.

6. Changes

Baynham Coding reserves the right to change any and all terms and conditions at any time.