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Kode Magd


Kode Magd is a toolbar for the VBA editor window in Microsoft Excel, designed to help computer programmers.

  • Report dependencies of variables, function, sub routines, properties, classes, forms and modules.
  • Map out basic structure of code.
  • Formatting and readability of existing code.
  • Renaming variables, modules, classes, forms. functions and subroutines, for improving readability.
  • Generating new code for a multitude of specific tasks.


ToolBar - Insert Code - Database

The Philosophy behind readability

Software maintenance costs are many multiple amounts more than initial development. Of course it depends on the nature of project but with normal industry circumstances resulting in maintenance costing from three times to twenty times initial development, maintenance costs are important and so readability needs to be prioritised. And so there is a great deal of value in being able to automatically format existing code on legacy systems.


Inserting Code

Kode Magd will be able to insert code to solve some of the more common scenarios. If you are a advanced developer this will save you time by reducing your typing in. However if you are a less advanced developer you may well not be aware of some of the solutions. So Kode Magd caters for a wide range of different abilities.