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Main Menu


Kode Magd toolbar is in the VBA Editor of Excel.

ToolBar - Readability


This sub menu reformats VBA so that it can be read more easily.

ToolBar - Rename


The Rename sub menu, is for renaming variables, modules, classes, forms, functions, subroutines, properties.

When something is renamed then everywhere it is used is renamed.

ToolBar - Insert Code

Insert code

The Insert Code sub menu offers a range of different wizards which will generate code for common issues.

These wizards generate code that is very much tailored to the options selected, it is not a mere copying of a template.

For example: If you want to open a recordset from a stored procedure on a database. The stored procedure will require different parameters, and each parameter may have a different data type. The wizard will generate the VBA code to check the data types of the parameters before they are sent to the database server, making the VBA far more effective at dealing with run time problems like data quality.